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Video Tape Transfer Sydney

Super 8 Film Transfer

Protect Your Memories

Sydney Video Tape Conversion

We treat your video tapes and old Super 8 movies with the care they deserve. They are not just tapes or films – they are your precious family memories and we always remember that. 

Video Tape Conversion in Sydney

Video Tape Transfer Sydney

We can convert VHS Tapes and VHS-C tapes as well:

  • Video8 Video Tapes
  • Hi8 Video Tapes
  • Digital8 tapes
  • Mini DV-tapes used in old video camcorders.
Super 8 Film Transfer to USB Memory Stick

Super 8 Film Conversion Sydney

We can convert 8 mm films and old Super 8 movies.  This uses a frame-by-frame film scanning technique and where other companies offer Standard DD (720p) AS STANDARD, our standard is full HD (1080p), which is the same resolution used on a Blue-Ray. 

You do not need a blue ray player, but this is the resolution of out Super 8 film conversion.  Please note we DO NOT transfer 16 mm films or films with sound.

Conversion to DVD, USB Memory Stick or Hard Disk

It is the same price for either format, DVD disk or USB memory stick. Add $70 for a Hard Disk

Fast Turnaround

Small Family Business with 20 Years Experience

Super 8 Film to USB Memory Stick

Conversion to DVD disk

Personally, I would recommend conversion to USB rather than DVD, but it up to you. The advantage of a DVD is that it is 100% standard and will play on a computer with a DVD drive and on a regular DVD or Blue-ray player.

Video Tape to USB Conversion

Video Tapes and Super 8 conversion to USB Memory Stick

This has the advantage that many videos can be copied to a single USB memory stick. As the format is MP4, this means that you can easily edit the films or vidoes. You can also make copies for your friends and family.

Video Tape to Hard Disk Transfer

Video Tapes and Super 8 conversion to Hard Disk

If you have many video mays that you want converting, I recommend transferring them to a portable hard disk. We charge cost price for the hard disk, which is normally around $70


DO NOT send money with your order. We will send you a payment link to pay by Credit Card, once your job is processed.

Video Tape Conversion in Sydney


Video Tape Transfer Prices for VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Digital 8 and Mini DV tapes

  • 1-9 Tapes cost $35 each
  • 10-19 Tapes get a 10% discount
  • 20 or more tapes get a 20% discount

Plus $10 flat fee return postage (regardless of how many items you send)

Super 8 Film Conversion NSW


Super 8 Film Conversion Prices – Sydney

  • 50-foot, 3-inch Film Reel $55
  • 100-foot, 4-inch Film Reel $95
  • 200-foot, 5-inch Film Reel $145
  • 300-foot, 6-inch Film Reel $195
  • 400-foot, 7-inch Film Reel $245

Plus $10 flat fee return postage (regardless of how many items you send)

Postal Service

Contact Us

We are based in Perth and offer a postal service for everyone living in Sydney and throughout NSW.

We offer a fast turnaround time and a standard return postage fee capped at just $10 (for as many films or videos as you wish converted)

Please pack your films and video tapes securely and post to:

Cheltenham Group
1 Porzana Blvd, Tapping, WA, 6065

Feel free to call us anytime on 0487 815 493. We are a small home-based family business with over 20 years’ experience converting films and videos or either DVD or to a USB memory stick.

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David Murray

Cheltenham Group

Call 0487 815 493

Sydney Video Conversions
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